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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tippinators Unveil New Atlantic Conference MXL Logo and Name Change

Tippinators unveiled the official logo for the 2011 CXBL's Atlantic Conference MXL Division. The new logo is based on the Tippmann Effect logo and contains the teams trademarked . The team was unable to have the their premier sponsor - Tippmann - added to the league supplied jersey so the Tippinators logo was redesigned using the Tippmann font.

After the AXBL switch to the MXL the team learned they had to change the name, as only one team in the CXBL's system can have the name Halifax. The 2011 the xball team will be called the Mersey Road Tippinators. Players this season are coming from across Nova Scotia so the most appropriate place name is that of the teams home field, Mersey Road Paintball.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tippinators Join the CXBL

Official Press Release
Montreal - Quebec - Canada

For Immediate Release: February 18,2011

The Xtreme Paintball League and the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League are pleased to announce their newly strengthened union. The Canadian AXBL and the AX4 divisions will now be joining the ranks of the CXBL as the Atlantic conference; these divisions will be converted into both an MXL division and CX4 division respectively.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tippmann Adds Name to ATWL

ATWL is excited to announce that Tippmann Sports, maker of the X7 Phenom and the world's leader in high-performance paintball products. At Tippmann, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality, durable paintball markers and accessories at an affordable price, has partnered with the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League.

Details of the agreement have not been released, other than Tippmann Sports has become the premier sponsor of the ATWL. As part of the agreement the league is now known as The Tippmann X7 Phenom - Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League, or X7 - ATWL for short.