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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Warriors in the Woods VIII: Viking Battle of Gambit

The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming.

In a change from the previous seven Warriors in the Woods games, event organizer Eric Fisher of Banshee Paintball, decided to move away from the traditional World War II themed scenario game and move toward a Viking game?!?!

Warriors in the Woods VIII: Viking Battle of Gambit was played at Mersey Road Paintball, in East River, Nova Scotia on October 5th, 2008. The theme this time around was Vikings versus the Celts. Many of the 300 plus players who attended the game unaware of the theme change, where forced to get rid of their distinctive World War II German style helmets and A5's moded to look like Thompsons, in favor of horned helmets and battle axes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tippinators Featured in DXS Video

The Tippinators were surprised and honored to see a video featuring the team on the new DXS website. The 5 minute and 52 second video is posted on the Media / Woodsball page and shows the team playing scenario events.