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Friday, April 27, 2007

Tippinators Assault Castle Aaarrgh

Ten members of the Tippinators paintball team piled into two cars for a 16 hour drive to attend one of the largest paintball events in eastern North America which is held in New Milford PA. The event commonly referred to as "pure paintball insanity" was Castle Conquest XXIII, held at EMR Paintball Park in New Milford PA April 27th - 28th. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Castle Conquest, run by Michael "Blue" Hanse, owner of EMR and head of "Blue's Crew".

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Black Friday - A True 'Paintball' Event

The 2007 outdoor paintball season in Atlantic Canada kicked off April 6th with the popular, 11th annual Black Friday scenario game held at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia.

The Black Friday event, considered the start of the Eastern Canadian paintball season by most, is a unique event in that attracts players from all parts of the paintball world. After a long winter of hibernation, scenario teams can be found standing shoulder to shoulder with Xball teams.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Layering Your Defense

The key to holding the line every time …
originally published in issue 3:1 of RECON Magazine

The troops along the border looked into the clear starry sky happy that the incessant rains had finally abated. It was June 22 and up to now the rain looked like it would never stop as spring still showed no signs of giving way to summer. With the miserable rain gone the soldiers could get back to doing what soldiers on guard duty do at 3:15am, thinking about when their replacements would arrive to relieve them, home, warm beds and hot meals.

Woodsball Hero By: Jordan Ricks RECON

Name: Bruce "Charon" Johnston
Place of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Current Hometown: Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada
Special Ops Brigade Name: Charon (Brigade ID# 15444)
First Time Playing Paintball: Early/mid 80s
First Paintball Gun: Plastic Splatmaster with 12-gram CO2 in the grip and 10 rounds on top. It was almost as effective as a slingshot compared to the guns today.
Current Paintball Gun: Tippmann A-5 with E-Grip, APE Rampage board, JCS double trigger, JCS Red Hot power tube, Hammerhead barrel, SpecOps MP5 mag, SpecOps A-5A2 foregrip, SpecOps Longbow stock.
Inside the Hopper: DraXxuS