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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Surrounded - What's Your Move?

What's your move? When stupid plans are all you have left?
By Bruce 'Charon' Johnston

originally published in the March 2007 issue of Action Pursuit Games

A large pond protected us from a frontal assault. They couldn't come around to our left flank, as that route would take them right into our main line of defense. Their only option was to come through on our right, cross a road and run the tape to get around us.

What's All That Stuff on your Marker?

Military simulation modifications are practical as well as cool looking …
By Bruce 'Charon' Johnston

originally published in the March 2007 issue of Paintball Sports Magazine
"Wow, what's all that stuff on your marker?"

I have heard that question more times than I care to count. When you play with speedball with Tippmanns carrying military simulation modifications (milsim mods), players tend to notice your marker. But even on the woodsball field, the appearance of a modded-out marker can be impressive and very intimidating--especially to new players, who are usually the ones asking about my marker.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Big Can Hopes to Take Tippinators to the 'Next Level'

The decision was easy for Curry, an elite level paintballer, to help a group of scenario players who have moved into the speedball world, "For the Tippinators to play the honest, clean paintball they do and have a small amount of success on the field is great. But if they can hold true to their team motto and start winning tournaments it will show everyone in the paintball world the way it should be done." Curry continued, "the Tipp's have had more success with sponsors then any other team in the region simply by playing paintball with heart and honor. Imagine the sponsorship success they will have if they take their game to the next level, WINNING with honor. I'd like to help them achieve that."