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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Surviving the Night

Night Paintball - What every player should know

originally published in the December 2005 issue of Paintball Sports Magazine

Night paintball has been around for over a decade, but only within the past year or two has the popularity of the sport experienced such dramatic change. Scenario paintballers are swarming to evening games like second graders charging the playground at recess. Big events such as Oklahoma D-Day and Nightmare City dedicate at least one evening for night paintball, and woodsball™ fields are increasingly giving players an opportunity to showcase their nocturnal combat abilities.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Tippinators Play in Open Tournament

The Tippinators stepped up the team's level of competition on November 5th, 2005 by entering an Open Class 3-Man tournament at Mersey Road Paintball for the fourth tournament in the team's history. Some great teams showed up for the tournament including; Overkill Hate Crew (tournament winners), Team Overkill, Primal (mens and ladies), Spikes 5150 to name a few. Even though the Tippinators are still a rookie team they felt the experience of playing against better teams would help with their long range development.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Tippinators Show Great Improvement at Overkill Tournament

The Tippinators took to the field for their third speedball tournament at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia on October 15, 2005. The team was excited to enter this tournament as it was a real step up in the level of play and it gave them a chance to meet an entire new group of paintballers.

The team played hard all day and ended up finishing 8th out of 16 teams, a huge improvement over their first two tournaments. The day was shortened due to heavy rain but nothing could dampen the team's spirits as the trademark handshakes and joking with competitors went on all day. Even after the tournament was stopped the Tippinators were still playing for fun against any team that would come onto the rain soaked field.

The points were tallied, the winners announced and much to the surprise of the team a special award was presented to the Tippinators for sportsmanship. The entire team was stunned and honoured by the award as the team had never even heard of a "Sportsmanship Award" let alone expect to receive one with so many other great players and teams in attendance.

Tippinators Paintball Team - Nova Scotia Canada
Tippinators Break Out

The complete list of standings OKSportz - 3man Rookie/Novice Tourny - Oct 15th, 2005:

Supremacy - 1st place
Phoenix Gold - 2nd place
Unforgiven Red - 3rd place
Primal - 4th place
Spikes 5150 - 5th place
G-prime - 6th place
Phoenix Silver - 7th place
Tippinators - 8th place
Untouchables - 9th place
Triple Image Blue - 10th place
Magnitude - 11th place
Unforgiven Yellow - 12th place
Triple Image Black - 13th place
Mersey Road - 14th place
Triple Image Red - 15th place
Fire Storm - 16th place

Tippinators - Most Sportsmanship

And a special award was given out today, "most sportsmanship" we asked for input from all the refs and The Tippinators came out on top, these guys just ooze class, both on and off the field, I think their team motto pretty much sums it up: "Shake hands, play hard, have fun, make new friends, remember that it is just a game."

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tippinators Volunteer to Bust Balls for Charity

The Tippinators volunteered to lend a hand and some of their experience to help as referees with the M&M Meats / Q104 Bustin' Balls for Charity.

Paintball players from all walks of life united on Sunday, September 11th, 2005 for what was one of largest outdoor paintball game on record in Nova Scotia. $4000 was raised during the event and all proceeds of the game were donated to the Q-104 Children’s Trust Fund.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Tippinators Take Field in Second Tournament

The TPPINATORS competed in their second speedball tournament on September 3, 2005. They had initially entered the tournament because it was billed as a 'Rookie Tournament'. Three days before the tournament the qualifications changed due to a lack of entrants, the Atlantic Canadian Championships were being held the same day and a great number of players attended that tournament.

So the word 'Rookie' was dropped and the tournament opened up. The competition was fierce and the caliber of play was much higher then in the previous tournament entered. Juno, Hired Gun and Charon armed with their trusty A-5's with milsim mods, semi auto triggers and remote lines headed into battle against 11 other speedball teams. The other teams were hard core speedballers and all of the teams had real skill. Never the less they took to the field.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Tippinators Formed - Play in First Tournament

July 2005 three woodsballer came together and started a three man speedball team named the TIPPINATORS (this is not misspelled it is a combination of the words Tippmann and Terminators). The only requirement is that every member of the team can use only a Tippmann A-5 in competition. The team were entered in a rookie airball tournament on July 30th and were carrying the Tippmann A-5 banner into battle against the $1000+ electro super markers.